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Dental X-Rays

        Dental radiography is the latest way to take and evaluate teeth and surrounding oral structures. With dental X-rays, less radiation is needed to produce high-quality images. These images can then be evaluated by concerned Dentist. This allows for easier detection of any problems. With such a large image, it is also easier for patients to see and understand what is happening with their teeth. 

         Most patients would testify that the worst part of a dental visit is having the X-rays taken. It can be especially painful to those with small mouths and often gouging and cutting under the tongue. Dr. Satya’s has made sure that their equipment can make that pain a thing of the past!


Intraoral Camera 

Dr. Satya’s knows that a picture is worth a thousand words – especially in dentistry! Dr. Satya’s uses small cameras right inside your mouth to take highly magnified digital photos of your teeth. These photos can be displayed on a computer screen for both patient and doctor, and are invaluable in diagnosing and recording dental problems. Intraoral photos also enables patients to view what the dentist sees when their teeth are being evaluated by the dentist.

The intraoral camera is one of the most useful tools in the dental office. Many people are uncomfortable at a dentist’s office because they are unable to see what the dentist is seeing, and this experience can make them self-conscious. With the help of a dental intraoral camera, the patient can have a real-time image of the inside of their mouth, and he or she can see what the dentist sees.

Dr. Satya’s offers intraoral camera imaging services for our patients so that they can have an idea of what kind of dental services they need. The image is clearer and sharper compared to a mouth mirror, and the patient will be able to see the condition of their dental hygiene. We have found that a patient who can actually see their dental hygiene condition  is more open to talking to us about treatment options, and we want to be able to give you the best treatment options available. Giving our patients a visual option to see their dental hygiene allows our patients to better understand the oral hygiene challenges that they are experiencing.

We offer the most modern intraoral camera technology available. Our dental cameras are small, flexible and lightweight. They are comfortable in the mouth and offer clear images. Whether you’re looking for a simple dental checkup, or you have a serious dental problem that causes you pain and discomfort, our intraoral camera will let you see the condition of your mouth first-hand. This way, you can be more informed during the development of your personalized dental health care plan.

The team at Dr. Satya’s believes that a well educated patient becomes the best patient at home. When our patients can visualize what is occurring, then they can adapt their regimens to improve their dental conditions. Come see your teeth on the big screen!

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